Can You Hear Me at the Back? Discover Your Public Speaking Voice

Time. Arguably, the most precious thing you have. And yet we waste a lot of it: Procrastinating on social media, arguing about trivialities, allowing distractions to dictate your schedule. What about pointless rituals? Boring lectures, work presentations that nobody listens to, conference speeches that seem to never end. If nobody listens, who are all these people speaking to?

Public speaking is one of the most powerful ways of influencing others. By wasting public speaking time, we waste potential to influence and change. And we can all watch videos on youtube and read endless articles online about “easy tips” and “quick steps” but the fact of the matter is that public speaking is a skill that needs practice and guidance.

This public speaking course is designed to offer coaching to you if you want to engage  your audience, make an impression at work, create change, influence others, stop wasting time and enjoy doing so!

Lead by Dimitrios Loukakis, the 6-week course offers

  • An introduction to the fundamentals of public speaking (fundamentals are always good)

  • Managing nerves (we’ve all been there)

  • Smart ways to grab and sustain attention (Anyone listening?)

  • Troubleshooting (sticky situations?)

  • Practical methods to impact your audience (even when you think you can’t)

  • Bespoke training (because one size rarely fits all)

  • A fun and supportive environment to experiment with ideas (keep what works, chuck what doesn’t)

  • More confidence speaking in front of others (who doesn’t like a confident speaker)

  • The partner of your dreams (ok maybe that’s pushing it, but who knows..?)

Step out of the shadows, make your voice heard and stop wasting your time.

Course dates: 6 weeks starting 19 February 2019 (19, 26 Feb, 05, 12, 19, 26 March)


£135 – Early-Bird price available until 05 Feb

£160 – Full price

Assistance available upon request