Maya Meetings: Body Language with Cindy Etsell

Join us for an evening of learning, inspiration and connection. The event starts with a talk and continues as an informal get-together afterwards.


BODY LANGUAGE – with Cindy Etsell

Non-verbal communication accounts for over 70% of all interactions.

We form opinions on people without even realising how their physical behaviour impacts us.

30 seconds is all the time needed to create that lasting impression. From that first handshake, are you aware of the impression you leave?

In this interactive talk, relevant to both personal and professional life, Cindy Etsell will walk us through different ways to maximise our non-verbal behaviour, create a positive impact and have fun along the way!

The talk will cover

  • Posture
  • Movement
  • Gestures
  • Eye Contact
  • Facial Expressions
  • Touch
  • Space
  • Appearance
  • and VOICE



Hailing from Canada, Cindy’s background spans consulting, marketing and business development across various functions and industry sectors, the most recent in Technology. As a sales, marketing, and business manager she is passionate about matching individual’s skills with like-minded companies. Currently Cindy runs a portfolio career; she is the author of ‘Cooking up Success’, based on her career journey since moving to the UK, also works with clients like LHH Penna as well as private career coaching for individuals and corporates. Her mission is to help people discover their ideal job and of course the importance of Non-verbal communication!