Maya Meetings: How Clean is Your Beauty Routine

Join us for an evening of learning, inspiration and connection. Maya Meetings women’s only events starts with a talk and continues as an informal get-together afterwards.


Many of us are now aware of the dangers of toxic chemicals to our health and are mindful of the choices we make in the foods we eat.  However, a lot of us aren’t aware and don’t consider that much of what we put on your skin is absorbed and ends up in our bodies.

A recent study showed that some people in some countries are using 18 cosmetic products per day on average*. From shampoo, conditioner, deodorant to cleanser, moisturiser and all the way to lipstick, mascara, hair products and the list goes on and on.. This adds up to 2 kilos of chemical containing product absorbed by your skin each year

If like us, you’re already making an effort by choosing “natural” and “organic” products, you might be surprised to know unlike with foods, these terms aren’t legally defined when it comes to cosmetics.

This month’s Maya Meetings speaker Nat Van Zee is an international make up artist and an expert in clean non-toxic beauty. She will share with us

  • Her story of why she switched to using clean products after 15 years in the industry
  • Why and how you can switch to healthier products
  • How to get through the minefield of technical terms and what to to look out for when scanning ingredients.

(Please note this is a women’s only event)


Nat van Zee is an international make up artist and clean beauty consultant at VANZEE Beauty. Featured by Psychologies Magazine, Breastcancer UK, The Soil Association, guest speaker at WEN Forum at Amnesty International.

She has worked backstage on high end shows for Celine, Lanvin, Mulberry and many more. Her client list includes Vivienne Westwood, Selfridges,  Vogue, i-D, Style as well as celebrities such as Cara and Poppy Delevingne, Gemma Arterton, Natalie Dormer and Karlie Kloss.  

Nat works as a brand consultant, content producer and a wellness expert – trained in cosmetic facial acupuncture and LED light therapy. She is a guest educator at LCF, Central St Martins and Solent University.