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My mission is to educate people about how much fun can be to cook together with family and friends. Cooking together is a bonding experience that brings people closer. But the benefits don’t stop here. It also educate families and kids to eat healthier.

My background was in tax law. I studied Law in Bologna, Florence and Milan and then worked as a tax advisor during the week and cookery tutor during the weekend for almost three years, until pregnant when I decided to quit the office job for a more adventurous career. As for many women, having kids changed my prospectives. I had always thought I’d get a creative job, but I ended up studying law and working in the tax sector.

I decided to start my own cookery school. I tested the recipes on friends first and then started advertising the class: online, through directories and social media; on the street, with flyers and through word of mouth. The classes grew to the point where I was running them every weekend. I enjoy it so much. It is so creative and fun and it fits so well around my family. I am finally doing the job of my dreams.

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We are an event / workshop / dance space at the heart of Camden Town
31 Oval Road
London London NW1 7EA
07847 222079 [email protected]