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  • Open Your Hips –  A Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop

Open Your Hips – A Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop

with Mina Semyon

Dec 8, 2018 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm



OPEN YOUR HIPS – A Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop 

with Mina Semyon

Connect with your body and awaken inspiration and freedom to be who you are. Freeing the hips lets the spine release upwards on its inherent journey, like a tree growing from the roots through the trunk, reaching to the sky.

Release the inhibitions held for generations inside the groin. Let the grannies out of your groin!

Opening the hips brings to mind orgasms, laughter and maybe even a dirty joke!



Mina was born in 1938 in the Soviet Union. She has been teaching Yoga for over 40 years. She was a student and friend of R D Laing, psychiatrist, poet, musician and spiritual guide, who initiated her on the path of awareness through the practice of Yoga and mindfulness. This, combined with an insistence on finding her authentic voice through the study of singing and sound with Guillermo Rozenthuler, has led to her unique way of teaching.

In the process of transcending her harsh Russian childhood, what has evolved is a way of practising and teaching which incorporates our whole being – emotional, mental, physical and spiritual, in daily life and relationships. Her aim is to liberate the mind and body of everything that obscures the spirit of joy, love, compassion, spontaneity and playfulness.

Mina appeared in the BBC television series and the book ‘Every Body Knows’ and the Yoga book ‘Body Life’ written by her ex-husband Arthur Balaskas. Her piece, ’Take as long as it takes’ – from ‘You Don’t Have to Die of Disappointment’- appears in ‘R D Laing Creative Destroyer’ edited by Bob Mullan. She has published two Yoga books: ‘The Distracted Centipede – a Yoga experience’ and ‘Yoga Stories for Healthy Living’


Date: Saturday 8 December 2018

Time: 10 am – 2 pm

Price: £60