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  • Maya Meetings: Mindfulness is a Mind-Full-of-Heart  with Ayala Gill

Maya Meetings: Mindfulness is a Mind-Full-of-Heart with Ayala Gill

Maya Meetings for Phenomenal Women

Apr 18, 2018 @ 8:30 pm - 10:30 pm

£10 – £11

Join us for an evening of learning, inspiration and connection. Maya Meetings women’s-only events start with a talk and continue as an informal get-together afterwards.



 The Feminine Principle in Awakening

We are experiencing the birth of a new era, where humankind is returning to the intelligence of the heart. The rebalancing between head and heart is a maturing of the masculine and feminine principles within each of us, and in society at large.

In this interactive discussion we will explore together, as women, what the feminine principle in awakening looks and feels like. At a time when vulnerability and emotional sensitivity have been misunderstood and feared for generations, we will explore how reclaiming these lies at the very heart of finding authentic strength and freedom.

Ayala will share how self-enquiry and mindfulness meditation can be powerful portals for uncovering the potential for the feminine to blossom within us. Only then can we give all that we have to give to this world, and invite men to take their rightful places by our sides.



Having had her first yoga lesson as 6 year old, Ayala simply knew she had found something that helped her feel how she knew she could feel. She discovered that she could choose where to place he attention, and the effect was one of her mind coming home.

Ayala is passionate about a lifelong exploration of yoga and meditation as paths of awakening, and equally passionate about the possibility of relationships, pregnancy, birth, motherhood and daily life as all equally vibrant practices to bring us alive and awake to our full potential.

Ayala draws on in-depth studies in yoga, Buddhist teachings, mindfulness meditation, psycho-spiritual enquiry, conscious parenting, curiosity and love.



ABOUT MAYA MEETINGS A series of regular events for women, a space to get informed, be inspired and feel connected. The meetings start with a talk or a workshop featuring a guest speaker, an expert or a mentor. Then the evening continues as a relaxed social get-together, an opportunity for the group to connect. MAYA MEETINGS, For Phenomenal Women..



  • Each meeting I attended was enriching and educational in its own way. A great space to take a break from the daily rush and to learn something new, connect with yourself and others, and come away inspired.